Microscop-spectrophotometer for medicine

Koltovoy N.A.

Labmetod, Russia, 121359, Moscow, Timoshenko str. 19A, 243, Tel.: (495) 1419875, Fax: (495) 4150975, email: koltovoi@mail.ru

1. Microscopespectrophotometer

for medicine. Microscope is connected with spectrometers.

Spectral range is 400-1000

nm, region for spectral research is from 4 microm to 4mm. In real time

it is possible to have adsorption spectra for cell nuclear.

2. Linear and circular polarization for biopolymers. We used two types of polarizations: liner

and circular. All objects have different properties for different polarizations.

3. Spherolite. Described optical properties of spherolites in biology, medicine and biopolymers.