Symposium programme

28.05.07. Monday.

Arrival of participants, accommodation and registration at the Hotel Dubna (18.00-20.00).

29.05.07. Tuesday

Registration at the International Conference Hall (Organizing Committee, 9.00-18.00).

10.00-11.00. Opening

Prof. Andrey Rubin
Head of Biophysics Department, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.

Prof. Ian C.P. Smith
Head of UIPAB, Director General, Institute for Biodiagnostics, National Research Council Canada.

Prof. Alexey Sysakjan
Director of  Joint Institute for Nuclear research, Dubna, Russia.

11.00-11.20. Coffee-break

Biomedical Diagnostics. New principles and methods

Chairman: Eugene Krasavin (Russia)

11.20-12.00. Ian C.P. Smith (Institute for Biodiagnostics, National Research Council, Canada). Early detection of human cancer by MRI/MRS, IBD NRC.

12.00-12.30. Leo Gribov (Institute of Geological Chemistry, Moscow, Russia). A theory of resonance energy and information transfer in complex molecular systems at photo-impulse action and singularities of time-resolved spectrums.

12.30-13.00. Valery Kupriyanov (Natinal Research Council Canada, Institute for Biodiagnostics, Vinnipeg, Canada). Near-infrared spectroscopic imaging of cardiovascular disease.

13.00-13.30. Piotr Bregestovski  (Research Institut de Neurobiologie de la Mediterranie Marseille, France). Monitoring of chloride and chloride-selective ion channels activity in living cells using genetically encoded fluorescent sensors.

13.30-15.00. Lunch break
Chairman: Ian Smith (Canada)

15.00-15.40. Henrik Flyvbjerg (Risoe National Laboratory, Denmark). Accuracy and precision of single-molecule fluorescence localization methods.

15.40-16.20. Eugene Gussakovsky (IBD NRC (National Research Council Canada, Institute for Biodiagnostics, Winnipeg, Canada). Fluorescence, diffuse reflectance and NIR imaging in cardiovascular research and diagnostics.

16.20-16.55. Eugene Nikolaev (Institute of biological and medical Chemistry RAS, Moscow, Russia). Application of Kingdon, Penning and Paul ion traps for determination of protein mixture compositions and protein primary structures.

16.55-17.10. Coffee-break

17.10-17.30. Yuriy Gryzunov (Research Institute for Physical Chemical Medicine, Moscow, Russia) Analysis of microheterogeneity of human serum albumin using a specific fluorescent probe. Experiments and medical applications.

17.30-17.50. Olga Degtyareva (Institute of Cell Biophysics Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Moscow region, Russia). Light-induced dispersed vibrational
IR-emission: a new technique to study molecular states

17.50-18.10. Anatoliy Osipov (Department of Medical Biophysics, Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia). Regulation of cytochrome c peroxidase activity by nitric oxide and laser irradiation.

18.10-18.30. Camilo Guzman (Institut de Physique de la Matiere Complexe, Switzerland). Viscosity measurements and hydrodynamic memory effects studied by optical trapping interferometry.

19.00. Welcome-party

30.05.07. Wednesday

Registration at the International Conference Hall (Organizing Committee, 9.00-18.00).

Optical and ionizing radiation influence on biopolymers

Chairman: Erik Mosekilde (Denmark)

10.00-10.40. Sylwester Sommer (GSI, Germany). New insights into cytogenetics by simultaneous painting of all pairs of chromosomes (m-FISH).

10.40-11.20. Eugene Krasavin (Joint Institute of Nuclear research Dubna, Russia). Radiobiology of accelerated heavy ions.
11.20-11.50. Radostina Georgieva (Ministry of Health, National Center of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection, Bulgaria). Molecular-biological survey at occupational exposure.

11.50-12.10. Coffee-break

12.10-12.40. Ludmila Denisova (Emanuel’s Institute for Biochemical Physics, RAS, Moscow, Russia). Review of perspective acoustic methods for bio-medical applications.

12.40-13.10. Alexey Feofanov (Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry RAS, Moscow, Russia). Fluorescence spectral imaging (FSI) technique as a probe of photosensitizer tissue distribution.

13.10-15.00. Lunch break

Chairman: Radostina Georgieva (Bulgaria)

15.00-15.40. Alex Smirnov (Department of Chemistry, North Carolina State University, USA). Nanopore-supported flow through lipid nanotube arrays for structure-function studies of membrane proteins in native bilayer environment.

15.40-16.10. Karapet Stepanyan (Centre of traumatology, orthopedics, burns and radiology, Sector of radiation medicine and burns, Armenia). Development of new biopolymer compositions providing high effectiveness.

16.10-16.30. Coffee-break

16.30-20.00. Round Table discussion including oral presentations

Chairman: Eugene Gussakovsky (Canada)

16.30-16.45. Svetlana Uzlova (National Hematology Research Centre, Russia). Detection of primary stages of intravascular blood coagulation by acoustic methods.

16.45-17.00. Nikolai Vekshin (Institute of Cell Biophysics RAS, Moscow, Russia). Mirror cuvettes for fluorescence spectroscopy.

17.00-17.15. Alexey Brazhe (Biophysics department, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia). Cell dynamics exposed in the light of interference microscopy.

17.15-17.25. Nikolay Koltovoy (Labmethod, Russia). Microscop-spectrophotometer for medicine.

17.30-19.00. Poster Session

31.05.07. Thursday

Registration at the International Conference Hall (Organizing Committee, 9.00-17.30)

Biomedical Diagnostics. New principles and methods

Chairman: Piotr Bregestovski (France)

10.00.-10.40. Alexander Archakov (Institute of biological and medical Chemistry RAS, Moscow, Russia). Analytical nanotechnologies in proteomics.

10.40-11.20. Alexei Bogdanov (Radiology and Cell Biology Department, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA). Molecular imaging in vivo using signal amplification strategies.

11.20-11.30. Coffee-break

11.30-12.00. Victor Svet (Institute of Acoustics, Moscow, Russia). Vision and acoustical imaging in non-uniform media.

12.00-12.30. Erik Mosekilde (Physics department, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark). Nonlinear dynamic phenomena in physiological control systems.

12.30-13.10. Georgy Maksimov (Biophysics department, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University Moscow, Russia). Cellular mechanisms of hypoxia.

13.10-13.40. Yuriy  Vladimirov (Dep. of Medical Biophysics, Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia). Mechanisms of lipids-induced activation of cytochrome C peroxidase activity studied by optical and EPR spectroscopy.

13.40-14.10. Rovshan Khalilov (Baku State University, Azerbaijan.) Studying of influence UVB radiation on plants by methods of EPR radiospectroscopy and mathematical model.

14.10-15.30. Lunch break

15.30-18.00. Excursion around JINR and Dubna

20.00. Pianoforte soiree

01.06.07. Friday

Chairpersons: Andrey Rubin, Galina Riznichenko, Eugene Krasavin (Russia)

10.00-10.40. Latchezar Avramov (Institute of Electronics, Bulgaria). Optical biopsy of hard human tissues.

10.40-11.30. General discussion. Closing


02.06.07. Saturday